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Contributing Artists

Mikihiko Kyobashi -Visions

A wave isn’t a thing. It’s a living, rippling motion.

What journeys from far away isn’t a waveーit’s like an invisible wind tangled in the memories of tides.

All teachings are here, on our blue Earth.

Yoshihiro Saijo -BGM

Playing his guitar and other instruments, produces a range of unique natural sounds.
Starting with Expo 2005 in Aichi, he has made compositions for video events and websites.
He has released three albums on the Optronix and Laptop Lounge labels.
Sounds that call to mind the pounding of a distant sea or the breathing of a deep forest have been well received in Japan and abroad.

Tatsuki Tsuboi -SoundLOGO&BGM

He loves music with all his heart. As a composer, He has produced a diverse body of work included music used in promotional videos for Nogizaka 46 and other acts, music production for foreign automobile manufacturers’ websites. He is also involved in creating ambient background music for commercial facilities, user interface/experience sound design for car navigation systems and similar products.
He has overseen the musical soundtracks for award-winning films screened at around a dozen film festivals in Japan and overseas, including American International Film Festival.

Tatiana Plakhova -Graphics

The main idea is to show a new way of “infographic” drawings. Because everything we see is biological, mathematical or geological information.
It can also be cultural patterns or any other thing.
Complexity Graphics works are based on mathematical simplicity and harmony. I would describe them as infographic abstracts.
This mathematical style helps me to illustrate everything from biological cell to the space and meditative worlds. That’s why I admire by math, because it’s everywhere and nowhere.




Creative Team

Curation & Direction: Eriko Kaniwa

Photography & Editing: Eriko Kaniwa

Movie editing: Kazunori Kawamura, Hideyuki GOJO Kawatani, Yu Ishihara

Sound composing: Yoshihiro Saijo

Sound logo design:Tatsuki Tsuboi

Web direction: Vitaly Dmitriev- Pikkles

Web design: Jon Yoneoka- Pikkles

Translation: ThinkSCIENCE, Tokyo Japan

Transcript management: Mayu Oishi

Project management: Eriko Kaniwa, Makoto Miyata

Produce: Eriko Kaniwa

Co-produce: Mikihiko Kyobashi

Creative Direction : Eriko Kaniwa, Mikihiko Kyobashi

Symbol logo design: Tatsuya Wada- Milestone

Courtesy of Aoyama Studio

Special thanks: Tadashi Shigenega

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