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This project seeks to reconstruct the concept of luxury, based on the long-held Japanese philosophy that "to live together with the Earth" and "to live as a part of this Earth" is true affluence and luxury, and to spread word of it through the power of art. To do this, we think there needs to be change in the human sensibilities that are linked to the seemingly opposed ideas of sustainability and luxury.

One of the original functions of art is social enlightenment. A change of heart produced by the arts—which speak in a language that goes beyond words—is one of the most effective means by which the world can be transformed. We want to gather artistic messages from people illustrating their unique views for forming links with the Earth. We will showcase how they bring those values to life, carefully picking from among them, and making the most of the possibilities of the visual and other arts while providing the medium for making them known.

The construct we have applied to control nature has already reached its limits. However, rather than reject material civilization in some fundamentalist way, we wish instead to try to delve into the question of what affluence truly means, taking Japanese philosophy as our base. We have begun this effort in the hope that the project will set a new standard for the 21st century.

Our journey has only just begun.

Please, join us in our efforts.

Your comments, your sharing of our project through social media, and your participation can help to change the world.


There are many ways through which you can join us in this project, including financial sponsorship, doing design work, providing art, and completing translation. Please contact us for details.

Just some of the ways you can participate:

① Join one of our networks (mailing list, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
We will forward you our latest event information and news.

② Volunteer—We will make announcements via our networks when such help is needed.
We will be noticing for more information in our network.

③ Become a sponsoring partner—We are looking for corporate sponsors that understand our project and able to be part of our journey.

A new philosophy originating in Japan will take shape through everyone's combined efforts.
The LUXUREARTH Project Team