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Hasuna Co., Ltd., CEO and Chief Designer.
Born 1981 in Kagoshima Prefecture, raised in Aichi Prefecture.
Attended Kings College, University of London, in 2002, to study development in lesser developed countries.
Interned after graduation at the United Nations Fund for Population Activities office in Hanoi, Vietnam, and at the Asian Development Bank Institute. Worked for a private equity fund before founding Hasuna Co., Ltd., in April 2009.
Engaged in the business of ethical jewelry that aims to give consideration to people, society, and the natural environment.
Received Nikkei Woman magazine’s Woman of the Year 2011 award, Career Creation Division.
2011, selected as one of Japan’s 30 young leaders (Global Shapers Community 2011) by the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference).
2011, selected by AERA magazine as one of “100 people who will get Japan back on its feet.”
2012, Japan’s representative to the “Women and the Economy Forum” held as part of the APEC Russia 2012 gathering.
2013, attended World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

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  1. Acn Tourism

    The concept of ethical jewelry is benefiting many third world countries by supplying ethical and original produce by rural men and women for sustainable livelihood. The founder’s vision is very broad and deep like an ocean. The Hasuna Company’s concept should be replicated by other companies to make our Earth really luxurious with peace.
    Amin Jan, Project Manager, Rupani Foundation, Pakistan