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Mountain Priest
1946: Born in Yamagata prefecture, the third son of the owner of the Dewa Sanzan and Haguro-area Daishobo Inn.
1971: After graduating from the Department of Literature at Toyo University, he succeeds as head of Daishobo Inn. He is given the priestly name of Shobun after undergoing the Shinto ascetic practices known as aki-no-mine.
2007: He serves as one of the matsu no hijiri (or yamabushi mountain ascetics) for the fuyu-no-mine ascetic practices.
From 2008, he officiates at the Shorei Festival.
From 2000: Daishobo Inn organizes a three-day Daishobo Yamabushi Ascetic Training Course. In lectures on Shugendo practices held at various sites,
the talks stress the importance of heart, life, health, agriculture, and art.
Current posts: Dewa Sanzan Shrine Board of Directors, Dewa Sanzan Hafuri Representative, TamaArt University Special Research Fellow in Art and Anthropology,
NPO Public Interest Furusato Tsukuri Tsuruoka Board of Directors, Meiji University Wild Laboratory Researcher, etc.